About Aloula

Aloula for Financial & Accounting Studies is a training and consulting services firm officially accredited and authorized to train and support organizations and individuals by several international institutions.

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Professional Development

Aloula provides support to all levels of corporate officers in their professional development efforts to achieve ongoing success by learning new and adopting concepts and methodologies to build their capacity.

Training & Consulting

Established in 2007, Aloula has expanded its areas of training and consulting capacity and scope across a range of management services and to many regions in Sudan serving the private sector, professionals, educational institutions, and the public sector.
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Aloula is working with the private sector, authorities, universities, and government to provide high-quality services & programs, using an appropriate capacity-building approach.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition, Aloula engages in strategic partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders and advocates on key issues of importance to the related professionals.

Aloula strives to cover all potential customers to maximize effectiveness and efficiency. 

Aloula conducts applied studies in the areas of financial markets, financial intermediaries, and monetary and macroeconomics. It serves as a development spark for dialogue between international and national inancial studies and practices. 

Aloula has a reputable capacity-building approach, specialized consultancy services, and programs. Also, it is able to form international strategic partnerships and alliances with international institutions such as:

  • CIPE (Center of International Private Enterprise). 

  • ACCA. 

  • Hock international. 

These alliances and partnerships have enhanced Aloula capacities, experiences, competencies.

Aloula Mandate and key objectives

1. Preparation of corporations and companies for the acquirement of competitive capabilities for their transformation from local to international status.

2. Providing consultancy services in the fields of economic, finance, accounting, compliance, and administration.

3. Raising the capabilities, training, and development in the fields of financial and accounting affairs and the professionally related specializations, in consistency and compliance with the international measures and standards.

4. Development of the human resources through the provision of specialized programs.

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A society in which all citizens are equally able to achieve their development and fulfill their responsibilities.

Mission statement

Aloula believes that people have a right to development and equal access to it.
We are committed to making that right a reality for people in Sudan.
We strive to work on common cause with alliances, stakeholders and those who have limited access to capacity development to understand challenges and change those conditions. We do this by uniting practical work and advocacy. 
Aloula believes this work is strengthened by working in alliance with organizations/institutions worldwide to achieve these aims.
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              Aloula Consultancy services

              Aloula provides high quality experts advisory service include but not limited to:
              - AML and compliance.
              - Drafting corporates policies and procedures.
              - Leadership development.
              - Strategic planning.
              - Technology transfer.
              - Internal audit.
              - Financial analysis services.
              - Project appraisals.
              - Feasibility studies.

              Aloula business ethics, compliance and due diligence services

              Aloula provide AML, corporate Ethics & compliance services businesses and companies across Sudan. 

              Compliance services offered by Aloula

              Diagnostic Assessment:

              The first step in any compliance program is to assess what a company has and what a company needs by the internationally accepted best practice. Aloula utilize a specific surveys that was tested worldwide that helps to identify a company’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to a robust international accepted compliance program.

              Corruption Risk Assessment:

              This risk assessment can be fully integrated into Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) processes and other ISO standards. The purpose of this assessment is to identify weaknesses within a system that may present opportunities for corruption to occur. The risk assessment help firms change management systems, processes, and procedures to prevent and/or mitigate the risks of internal fraud or corruption.

              Standards of Conduct, Policies, and procedures:

              Policies and procedures guide a company operation and bring clarity and consistency to the expectations of company officers and employees. Aloula assist companies develop, improve, and or modify specific policies or procedures.

              Developing a Compliance Program and Integration into Company operations:

              Compliance is a management system that is becoming ever more popular to prevent and mitigate fraud and all forms of internal and external graft. This is a requirement for doing business with international companies and can lead to immediate cost savings and prevent risk to a company reputation. The key is to design the right compliance program for an individual company whether small, medium, or large that can be integrated into the current organizational framework. 

              Monitoring and Auditing:

              Even the best compliance program will benefit from an external audit that will assess the quality of a compliance program. Aloula will assess the efficacy of your entire program or just component parts that can include policies/procedures, employee training, risk methodology, risk assessment tools, reporting mechanisms, anti-corruption enforcement and incentives.

              Due Diligence services:

              In global business economy, companies with third-party risk exposure need to be on top of their risk assessment and due diligence game in selecting third parties many miles removed from the headquarters in an increasing complex regulatory and business environment. Aloula professionals provide the benefit of experience and familiarity with local regulations and contexts in conducting risk assessment and due diligence vetting. This service is available on client request.

              AML Consulting services

              Aloula is conducting Anti-money laundering checks , Anti-terrorism checks , Validation and verification of operational processes and staffing services as part of CDD to local and international investors who are   willing to establish business relationship and carry out an occasional transaction with a potential partner. 

              Aloula effectively implement internationally benchmarked methodology in conducting Anti money laundering and CFT, taking into consideration our experience in the Sudanese market and the regulation of all the regulatory and statuary bodies that all businesses need to be in comply with.

              The services offered are :

              - AML Independent testing and program validation/co-sourcing

              - AML transaction/Sanctions monitoring systems

              - AML/Sanctions risk assessment

              - Remediations and investigations

              - Development of AML and KYC/CDD policies and procedures

              - FCPA and anti-bribery risk management, and development of policies and procedures

              - Cybersecurity

              - Internal audit that’s consist of eight audit elements : Policies and procedures , Compliance officer , Customer due diligence , Training , Internal audit , Monitoring , Reporting , Record keeping.

              Aloula Experience in Compliance services

              As a leading consulting firm in Sudan, Aloula is providing professional consulting, due diligence and independent background checks and compliance services to wide range of clients, and currently Aloula is providing compliance to wide rage of clients including world leading firms in payments technology.

              Scope of services include but not limited to:

              - conducting compliance evaluation using internationally benchmarked methodology consist of many indicators such as AML, operations and personnel, internal controls, conflict of interest.

              - Worked with leading global payments technology firms in assessing Sudanese banks AML control framework and compliance structure. 

              - provide suitable recommendations and solutions to support the implementation of the corruption risk mitigation strategy.

              - Facilitate clinics, and provide strategic support to the Compliance Units and responsible functions to enable our client own and operationalize the compliance strategy.

              Corporate Anti-bribery and corruption compliance capacity survey report

              CIPE in partnerships with Aloula conducted a survey on Sudan published in 2019.

              The goal of the survey was to investigate companies’ awareness and understanding of anti-corruption compliance, how companies are working to mitigate corruption, and the extent of companies' adoption of international standards in anti-corruption.

              https://www.cipe.org/resources/corporate-anti-bribery-and-corruption- compliance-capacity-survey-report-sudan 

              Training Services

              Aloula provide wide rang of training programs in the field of Finance , Accounting ,Management, Information systems and compliance.
              Aloula professional Certificates prepration courses:

              - Certified Management Accountant (CMA®).
              - Certified Financial Analyst (CFA®).
              - Certified Public Accountant (CPA®).
              - Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS).
              - Certified Internal Auditor (CIA®).
              - Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).
              - Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA®).
              - Certified Government Auditing Professional (CGAP).
              - Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA™).
              - The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).
              - ACCA Diploma in international financial reporting standards (ACCA DipIFR).

              Short Courses

              - Al Oula organizes short courses in finance, accounting and management. It also customizes short-courses according to client’s needs. These include, but not limited to.

              - Budgeting and Performance Measurement.
              - Advance Financial Analysis.
              - Efficient Finance and Accounting Operations.
              - Accounting for non-Accountants.
              - Marketing.
              - Microfinance.
              - Mastering Business and Finance.
              - Professional Skills for Finance & Accounting.
              - Analyzing Financial Statements.
              - External Financial Reporting.
              - Governmental Accounting.
              - Government Financial Statistics (GFS).