Consultancy Services

Aloula provides high quality consulting services

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Aloula Consultancy services

Aloula provides high quality consulting  services include but not limited to:
- AML and compliance.
- Drafting corporates policies and procedures.
- Leadership development.
- Strategic planning.
- Technology transfer.
- Internal audit.
- Financial analysis services.
- Project appraisals.
- Feasibility studies.

Aloula business ethics, compliance and AML services:

Aloula provide AML, corporate Ethics & compliance services businesses and companies across Sudan. 
Compliance services offered by Aloula:
- Diagnostic Assessment.
- Corruption Risk Assessment.
- Standards of Conduct, Policies, and procedures. 
- Developing a Compliance Program and Integration into Company operations.
- Monitoring and Auditing.
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AML Consulting services

Aloula is conducting Anti-money laundering checks , Anti-terrorism checks , Validation and verification of operational processes and staffing services as part of CDD to local and international investors who are willing to establish business relationship and carry out an occasional transaction with a potential partner.
The services offered are :
- AML Independent testing and program validation/co-sourcing.
- AML transaction/Sanctions monitoring systems.
- AML/Sanctions risk assessment.
- Remediations and investigations.
- Development of AML and KYC/CDD policies and procedures  FCPA and anti-bribery risk management, and development of policies and procedures.
- Cybersecurity.
- Internal audit that’s consist of eight audit elements : Policies and procedures, Compliance officer, Customer due diligence, Training , Internal audit, Monitoring, Reporting, Record keeping.