Professional Certificates

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Certified Management Accountant (CMA) 

For almost 50 years, the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) professional certification, awarded by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), has been a worldwide benchmark for those in the fields of Management Accounting and Financial Professionals.

Achieving and accomplishing the CMA certification shows and presents your professional ability and competence to analyze, plan, control, demonstrate professional skills & ethics, and decision support in financial domains, which has enormous demand in big global organizations all over the world.


- a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution.
- CMA candidates do not need work experience to take the exam. However, they need at least two years of relevant professional experience to get the final certificate from the IMA.

Target audience:

The CMA certification best suits those in the profession of management accounting and executive positions.

CMA course:

Part 1: Financial planning, performance, and analytics :

Course duration: 90 Hours

Course content :

- External Financial Reporting Decisions (15%).

- Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (20%).

- Performance Management (20%).

- Cost Management (15%).

- Internal Controls (15%).

- Technology and Analytics (15%).

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management :

Course duration: 90 Hours

Course content :

- Financial Statement Analysis (25%)

- Corporate Finance (20%).

- Decision Analysis (20%)..

- Risk Management (10%).

- Investment Decisions (15%).

- Professional Ethics (10%).

About Exam:

Exam structure :
- 100 MCQs
- 2 Essay questions

Exam duration :
 4 Hours per exam

Exam window :
January &February,  May& June,  September & October

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The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

The ACCA was founded in 1904. Completing the ACCA certification puts you in greater demand by employers around the globe.

This  professional certification allows you to work around the aspects of Finance, and management in any business.

The ACCA certification opens for you a gateway to a world of opportunities in terms of Market value:

- The ACCA equips you with financial and business skills, which makes you in demand by big companies.
- Improves your professional competencies.
- Links the gap between the academic line and the industry line.

The flexibility of this certification gives you the liberty to select any functional sector. As such, being a member of the ACCA will give you the opportunity to work in any sector of your choice internationally, be it in the financial services sector and public or private sectors.


- Minimum two A Levels and three GCSEs in five separate subjects, including English and maths  (or equivalent qualifications).

- Complete a maximum of 13 exams, depending on prior experience and qualifications. For further information on applicable exemptions, use the exemptions calculator on

- Complete an Ethics and Professional Skills module.

- Evidence three years of practical work experience within a relevant role.

- To gain ACCA certification, you need to pass the required exams.

Target audience:

- Financial Managers.
- Employees in the field of accounting and auditing companies and banks.
- Professional accountants.
- Professionals in the field of Finance and economics.
- Accounting and Finance.
- Fresh graduates or experienced professionals .
- Businessmen.

ACCA exam papers:

Applied Knowledge :

- Accountant in Business.
- Management Accounting.
- Financial Accounting. 

Applied Skills :

- Corporate and Business Law.
- Performance Management.
- Taxation.
- Financial Reporting.
- Audit & Assurance.
- Financial Management.

Strategic Professional: 

- Strategic Business Leader.
- Strategic Business Reporting.
- Advanced Financial Management.
- Advanced Performance Management.
- Advanced Taxation.
- Advanced Audit & Assurance. 

For more info about upcoming ACCA preaprtaion courses contact us.

ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting, (DipIFR)

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) qualifications is provided by the ACCA and has a rapid and efficient way of meeting your needs. 

The ACCA DipIFR  equips you , with financial skills, which makes you in demand by big companies, improves your professional competencies, and links the gap between the academic and industry lines.

Target audience:

- Professional accountants.
- Auditors.
- Those who want to broaden their knowledge in accounting, presenting financial statements, and stay competitive in today's labor market.

Course Duration : 60 Hours.

Course Content:

- International sources of authority .
- Elements of financial statements.
- Presentation and additional disclosures.
- Preparation of external financial reports.

Exam info:

Exam length : 3  hours and 15 minutes.
Exam window : June and December.

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Certified Internal Auditor (CIA)

CIA certificate  issued by the institute of internal auditors .
It is the only globally recognized internal audit certification, and it will:
- Enhance your credibility.
- Sharpen your skills and proficiencies.
- Increase your advancement and earning potential.
- Demonstrate your understanding and commitment.

CIA Certifications consist of three parts:

- Part 1 – Essentials of Internal Auditing.
- Part 2 – Practice of Internal Auditing.
- Part 3 – Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing.

Course content and duration:

- CIA part 1: Essentials of Internal Auditing
Course duration: 45 hours.
- Part 2 – Practice of Internal Auditing
Course duration: 45 hours.
- Part 3 – Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing:
Course duration: 90 Hours.

About CIA exam:

Part 1 Essentials of InternalPart 2 Practice of Internal AuditingPart 3 Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing
Exam structureMCQs - 125 questionsMCQs - 100 questionsMCQs - 100 questions
Exam duration2 Hours 30 minutes2 Hours2 Hours
Exam windowContinuous CIA exam testing year-roundContinuous CIA exam testing year-roundContinuous CIA exam testing year-round

Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

CISA is a certification issued  by ISACA, which is an independent non-profit, international professional association that engages in information system (IS) governance and development.

It is recognized globally for IS audit, control, and information security.
Enables you to authenticate your skills in audit, control, and information security.

Target audience:

- Internal and external auditors.
- IS/IT auditors and consultants.
- Information security professionals.
- Policy writers.
- Privacy officers.
- Information security officers.
- Network administrators.
- Security device administrator.

Course Duration : 40 Hours.

Course Content:

- The Process of Auditing Information Systems (14%).
- Governance and Management of IT (14%).
- IS Acquisition, Development, Implementation (19%).
- IS Operations, Maintenance, and Support (23%).
- Protection of Information Assets (30%).

About exam:

Exam lengthExam durationExam window
150 MCQs4 hoursJune, September, and December
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Certified Documentary Credit Specialist (CDCS)

Certified Documentary Credit Specialist is globally seen as a standard for competence in documentary credits.

Target audience:

- Bankers.
- Companies and institutions that work in import and export.
- Accountants and Auditors in general.
- Workers in the field of foreign trade.

Course Duration : 45 Hours.

The benefits of becoming a CDCS:

- Enables you to reflect the level of your capabilities and proficiencies in documentary credits which is renowned globally.
- Your career and promotion prospects are improved.
- Advances your knowledge and comprehension of the various and intricate issues of documentary credit practice. 

Exam info:

Exam length : 3  hours.

Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS)

The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) credential is the gold standard in AML certifications and is recognized internationally by financial institutions, governments, and regulators.
In Aloula, we developed the preparation course program to supports and assist the participants in having a better understanding of the CAMS examination.

CAMS Accreditation Body:

ACAMS is the largest international membership organization dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills, and expertise of AML/CTF and financial crime detection and prevention professionals. Our members include representatives from a wide range of financial institutions, regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies, and industry sectors.

Program Objectives:

- The Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) preparation course denotes a superior understanding of international AML/CFT principles.
- Familiarize the participant with the CAMS examination method.
- Increasing their professional value a by better understanding financial crime detection and prevention techniques, protecting their institution from money laundering threats, and minimizing financial crime risks.

Course Duration : 40 Hours.

Course Content:

- Risks and methods of money laundering and terrorism financing.
- Compliance standards for anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) .
- AML, CFT and sanctions compliance programs.
- Conducting and supporting the investigation process.

Exam info:

The CAMS examination consists of 120 multiple choice and multiple selection questions.

Exam length : 3.5 hours to complete the exam.
Exam Format : Computer Based Exam.

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